Louhela Shore and the lean-to

laavuLouhela shore is on the Kisko River canoe route in Kurkela village, about 3.5 km downstream from Kurkela Lake. On the shore there is a lean-to with a place for the fire and dry wood behind the lean-to for making the fire. There is also an outhouse near the lean-to. In the vicinity of the Louhela lodging quarters, there is a sauna in which 4-5 guests can bathe comfortably. If the sauna is vacant, the canoe paddlers can use it also.

For information on the availability of the Louhela shore and the lodging, please contact the numbers below.

Prices: Staying overnight at the lean-to 10 €/adult (includes use of the open fireplace, the firewood, garbage disposal and drinking water)laavu ja talot

Use of the sauna: 25 € includes bathing for a maximum of four persons. When there are more than four persons bathing, 5 € per person is charged for each person adding to the four included in the basic fee. Prices as per agreement for larger groups of lodgers and bathers.