The Koivusilta organic farm lies in Kisko, in the southern part of Southwestern Finland. Farming and forestry keep the family busy. Additional income is gotten from tourism and building renovation. The renewed buildings of Louhela farm offer lodgings for ten persons all year round.The 70 km canoe route of Kisko River goes right past the Louhela farm. The lean-to built on the riverbank offers shelter for the holiday-makers and canoeists. Louhela is perfect for fishing and canoeing.Secret Island is a small holiday resort for you to get away from your daily routines. Here you can fish, camp, swim and bathe in the sauna in idyllic surroundings that others can only dream about. The island has a small fishermen’s cabin, an excellent accommodation for two. There are four beds in the cabin.The Mysterious Island RepresentationWe will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Welcome to Louhela!Iiro Teuri 358-440-828682