Canoeing down the Kisko River

The canoe route of Kisko River passes through four municipalities – Suomusjärvi, Karjalohja, Kisko ja Perniö – before reaching the Baltic Sea. The length of the entire route is 70 km but you are welcome to try out only the bit that suits you: an overnight excursion, a whole day or half a day journey or only a short canoe tour of a couple of hours. Parts of the route are so easy that they are ideal for beginners, families or small groups. The Kisko River canoe route passes through rolling hills of fields, beautiful open lakes, and wilderness lakes in totally uninhabited forests. Louhela lodging and Louhela shore are located at the halfway point of the Kisko River canoe route. There is a resting area on the shore, as well as a lean-to and an outhouse. Please do not hesitate to contact us about staying overnight on the Louhela shore.