Secret Island

Secret Island is a small holiday resort for you to get away from your daily routines. Here you can fish, camp, swim and bathe in the sauna in idyllic surroundings that others can only dream about. The island has a small fishermen’s cabin, an excellent accommodation for two. There are four beds in the cabin.
Different excursions and outings are organised on the island. Let’s start planning your nature outing on Enäjärvi!

If you are interested in the island, my email is: iiro.teuri(at)



Secret Island excursions

Your wildest dreams of nature excursions come true on the Secret Island. Keep to the waters near the island, stay in the fishermen’s cabin, and bathe in the sauna, swim and fish. Relax!

Start an island adventure. Find the winding route downriver. Your goal may be the Kärkelä village, built around 18th century ironworks, Louhela estate on Kirkkojärvi Lake in Kisko, Koski Mansion or the sea!

If you prefer not to carry your canoe past the rapids, do a tour of Enäjärvi’s islands, bays and nooks and its villages rich with cultural history.

When you rent the island your have canoes, a rowboat and a motorboat at your disposal. Feel free to contact us so we can plan your adventure together and the clear waters and wonderful scenery is yours to enjoy.

Guided nature and photography excursions on the island

From the island, we organise guided excursions on Enäjärvi and its surroundings for you to enjoy the nature and photography. For further information, call +358 440 828682

One-day canoeing tour on the Secret Island

The one-day canoeing tour begins in the morning as we arrive on the island. After inspecting the equipment and packed lunches we start southward along the right-hand shore of the lake exploring its interesting labyrinth. We choose a suitable location for having lunch and in the afternoon we turn our canoes toward the Secret Island.
On the island we heat the sauna, swim and enjoy an evening snack by the fireside.
The excursion includes canoes and kayaks, sauna and meals.
Price calculated for a group of four: 450€

Find the Secret Island a guided one-day canoeing tour

Explore the secrets of Enäjärvi and find your destination, the Secret Island, with our experienced canoeing guide.
The excursion begins on Sipilä beach in Salo at 9.30 in the morning. Our canoeing guide will help you find your way through 24 km of beautiful scenery to a Secret Island where you will arrive at 6 p.m. On the island you will bathe in the sauna and have an evening meal. The excursion ends when you get back on mainland.
The price of the excursion is 120 €/ person. The price includes the kayak and equipment, guide, evening meal and sauna on the island, and transportation back to where you started. The recommended number of participants is 6 persons.